Women’s Volleyball – Played by Women But Coached by Men

Sports have been developing over the last century, to accommodate people in all positions. Both men’s and women’s sports have progressed to the point where we have matches played almost daily as well as have them streamed so that we can watch them, and not just look at the results.

Yet, women’s sports are often the subject of talk and controversy, and for a couple of different reasons. Women’s sports, while having women playing, often have men as coaches. When betting is consider both men and woman are making their predictions using Bet365 bonus on both male and female played sports. In some sports, this changed to accommodate and include more women coach assistants, first, and then promote them to full coaches. In sports like volleyball, there are far more men coaches than women. Let us explore why that might be.

An Elite Sport From an Athlete’s Perspective

While men can more often than not easily retire into the role of a coach, women have a bit of a harder time.

Professional athletes often settle after having their professional careers over, meaning they have a family and retire from competing. Men athletes can often continue their careers while having children, simply because they do not have to give birth.

Women athletes, on the other hand, when they want to start a family that includes children and no adoption or surrogacy is involved, have to give up their professional careers. Some women return to their careers and find success, others move to find other jobs. Some become coaches, but it is not guaranteed, because a good career as a player doesn’t often mean that you will have a good career as a coach.

Networking – Sports Are Male-Dominated

While there are plenty of women playing all the different sports in the world, the coverage is not nearly as massive as that for men’s sports. Whether football, basketball, volleyball or even cricket, the men’s side of the coin gets more coverage, thus more sponsorships and more connections. Every player gets more opportunities to speak to other great players and coaches. Having good connections means that you could easily ask for someone with experience, and given how many more male coaches there used to be, they would most likely be the first choice.

Success – Rookies Are Big Risks

Everyone wants to hire a successful coach, right? More often than not, male coaches have been more successful, simply because of the fact that they were coaches.

There are plenty of successful women coaches, the only problem is that men outnumber them in every sport.

A rookie coach, no matter who it is, is a bigger risk, at least they are considered to be so. Since most of the successful coaches were men, due to sheer numbers, there still are plenty more male coaches in volleyball.

That is changing, however, with more and more retired female professionals turning coaches.

Similarities Draw One Another

The lack of female sports directors and owners of clubs also hinders the female coach hiring. We often tend to draw people who are similar to us, yet with the lack of women in charge, more often than not, men get hired, and volleyball is no exception. That has started to change somewhat, with the recent success stories of other female coaches, as well as governing bodies starting to promote female coaches in female sports.

Volleyball is no exception at the moment, with lots of men coaching the women teams, national, as well as clubs. Things are slowly changing, but it takes time and engagement. The latter isn’t lacking, so the only thing remaining is to wait for women coaches to catch up in number, because the quality is already there.