4 Great Books About Baseball And Why You Should Read Them

While some people enjoy playing games or bingo on bingo-promo-code.co.uk, many people prefer to watch sports in their free time – namely baseball. Baseball is a sport that lots of people enjoy watching, whether for its different tempo, no time limit, the exciting plays after a relatively calm period, or simply because they love the sport. Fans of baseball are often familiar with its many nuances and its history. 

For the new fans, knowing baseball is a challenge, because they simply hadn’t the experience and time to learn everything. Even experienced baseball fans do not know everything. What this means is that it is the right time for some reading. Here are the best books every baseball fan should read.

Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig – Jonathan Eig

Lou Gehrig was quite a baseball player, one that went down in history as The Iron Horse, the man who could hit the ball quite hard. Unfortunately, due to his illness, nowadays called ALS and after his death, the Lou Gehrig Syndrome, he had to cancel his career early. This book explores his life prior to the illness, his youth, as well as the two painful years he lived after delivering his farewell speech in 1939. It is a must read for anybody who is a fan of baseball as well as Lou Gehrig.

Eight Men Out – Eliot Asinof 

Cheating is highly frowned upon in sports, as it once was, and even to this day. Today, fines are very high and people who cheat often lose the possibility of ever playing again, or coaching, for that matter, in the sport they cheated in.

This book refers to the 1919 Black Sox incident, the famous fix which is remembered a century later. It also details the relationship between the players, the coach and even the commissioner.

The Boys of Summer – Roger Kahn

This book deals with breaking the color barrier in baseball, and in general, in sports, meaning Jackie Robinson. Other than that, it also deals with Kahn’s own relationship with his father and baseball. Khan was an author and worked as a journalist during the 1950s in the New York Herald Tribune, covering the Dodgers and other teams. The book also deals with Duke Snider, Billy Cox, Ray Campanella and many others.

Ball Four – Jim Bouton and Leonard Shecter

This book, even though it was released almost half a century ago, still leaves its mark on the world. It provides us with insight into how the players lived their lives and did their jobs on and off the fields in the MLB. It also details some of the stories that were circulating during that time, Bouton’s experiences with his team and their behavior when not playing. 

These are some of the best books on baseball which you should read, as a new fan, or an experienced one.