The 4 Best Motorbikes in 2020

There is nothing like going fast on the open road, while exposed to every nook and cranny which can hurt you, right? Well, some will disagree and stick to cars and trains, not to mention planes. But some people really enjoy riding motorbikes. They are fast, entertaining, adrenaline-inducing, and often comfortable and freeing. There is something liberating in knowing that your demise could be behind a single turn where you do not see a pothole. You would first need a motorbike to be able to experience that danger. Here are the best motorbikes for 2020.

Kawasaki Ninja 400

A beginner’s dream, the Ninja 400 is a motorcycle you can rely on.

It has a 6 speed transmission and it is lightweight and costs not that much money, given that you are purchasing a new motorcycle.

It has a 400 cubic centimeter engine with two cylinders, giving you a smooth ride and enough power on the highway, as well as control in the city.

With optional ABS, it should help every beginner get through their learning stages.

Ducati Panigale V2

If you want to go fast on a superbike, this is the one to consider. Ducati knows how to make them fast and with 955 cc and 155 horsepower, this bike will have you zooming around really fast.

There are faster, larger and more expensive motorcycles out there, but this one gets everything right. It also doesn’t cost as much and comes with electronics which can help you push it to its limits. We all want that, right? It is especially true for a superbike.

Harley-Davidson Street Guide

Some people just want to cruise on their large, motorcycle sofa. This bike is perfect for that.

It has a large engine, a 1754 cc V-Twin which can handle any speed without bothering you or anybody else.

It is packed with helpful features like a modern touch screen as well as linked brakes. The linked brakes help stop this heavy beast without you having to go insane thinking whether you will live or die. It has a large fuel tank, to accommodate more fuel than its competitors.

If you want to travel on a sofa on two wheels, this is the choice to make. 

Zero SR/S

Not everyone wants to hear their engine up close and personal. For people who want not an IC engine but rather, an electric one, the Zero SR/S is the choice to make. It has a range of 197 kilometers or rather, 123 miles and is really sporty. Electric motors have instant torque and this one is no slouch, pulling itself into a territory of rather dangerous sports bikes. The price is high but if you like the environment and want something electric on two wheels, Zero has the answer for you.

These are the best motorcycles you can buy in 2020, different categories to suit different riders. What will your next bike be, or your next ride, for that matter?